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This document covers the installation, set up, and use of this theme, and provides answers and solutions to common problems. We encourage you to first read this document thoroughly if you are experiencing any difficulties before contacting our support team.

WordPress Upload

To upload through your Dashboard, select “Appearance” and then “Themes”. Next, select the “Install Themes” tab at the top of the page and then select the “Upload” link, right above the search field. Choose your file and select “Install Now”. Once the theme is fully uploaded and installed, click “Activate” to activate the WordPress theme.

The theme files will be stored on your server in the wp-content/themes/ location.

When uploading your theme with the installer, please ensure you are uploading the theme .zip file, not the entire package you downloaded. In this case, you will be uploading

FTP Upload

To manually upload your new WordPress theme, login with your credentials to your website and locate the wp-content folder in your WordPress install files. Upload the un-zipped 'ava' folder into the: wp-content/themes folder.

Once uploaded, activate the theme by heading to the “Themes” menu in the WordPress Dashboard. Locate the Ava theme and hit “Activate”.

Install Recommended Plugins

When you first activate the theme, you will be notified of what plugins are recommended to use with Ava. You don't have to install each one, if you're not planning on using a particular feature. Once clicked, you will be taken to the Plugin Installation admin view, where you may install and activate each plugin, as depicted in the second screenshot below.

Please note that many of the designs and templates in the Ava live demo are built using Beaver Builder. Beaver Builder (Lite or Pro) must be activated in order to utilize the built-in modules.

Need Help?

If you have a problem with the theme or found a bug, please get in touch. We take pride in our customer support and we will do what we can to assist you. If you are experiencing a theme issue, please first turn off all third party plugins to see if the problem persists.

Beaver BuilderBack to Top

Beaver Builder is quite a powerful page builder. With relative ease you can recreate our live demo templates and build your own to suit your needs.

Build Your First Page

Ready to start building? Simply add a new standard WordPress page and jump into Beaver Builder by clicking the Page Builder tab shown on the screenshot below.

Selecting a Template

Once you're within the page builder, you wll be prompted to select a layout template to begin with. Starting with one of these layouts is entirely optional, though we have built these templates based off of what we've designed in the live demo.

There are two groups of templates, the Ava Templates - which comprise of the various page templates. And the Ava Portfolio Templates, which are portfolio-based layouts. You can choose the templates to view at the top right dropdown selector as seen below.

Global Settings

You can use Page Builder's Global Settings to change default settings for whether rows are full width or fixed, and, if fixed width, the maximum width in pixels for the row. By setting the default row width and row content width settings, it means that every time you create a row, the row widths are initially set to those defaults. You are free to change individual row settings to something else.

The following are the settings that we've deployed on the live demo:

  1. In Page Builder, click "Tools" then "Global Settings"
  2. Set the “Default Row Width to “Full Width”
  3. Set the "Modules Margin" value to 0
  4. Set the "Row Max Width" value to 1100px

Page OptionsBack to Top

On each page you'll see a Template Settings metabox, located below the page content editor. This metabox includes various options to control the header style, header position and footer visibility on each page.

Site EditorBack to Top

To access the live Theme Customizer, you may select the Customize button in the admin bar dropdown or select "Customize" from the Dashboard menu. Note that you must be logged in as a site administrator in order to access the controls.

Contextual Links

You'll notice various "Edit" elements throughout the Customizer Site Editor viewport, which open relevant options panels pertaining.

Theme Options

There are hundreds of theme options within Ava to let you modify colors, theme elements (headers, footers, etc), sizes, positioning, fonts and icons.

Adding Widgets

Adding widgets has never been easier with our new contextual widget spaces. Simply click on the little "nibs" to add a widget, select your widget from the panel - and you're done.

Theme LicenseBack to Top

It’s strongly recommended that you add your theme’s license key from within the License section of the WordPress Customizer. By adding your key, you will activate the remote theme updates and have access to our support team.

You can find your theme’s license key by checking your purchase receipt or signing in to your ThemeBeans account. If you purchased the theme from ThemeForest, you may request your license key here. You’ll need your ThemeForest purchase code handy.

Copy this key and navigate to the Customizer License Control located within the WordPress Dashboard > Customizer > Theme License section. Enter your license key and hit activate.

You'll see a "Verified" report upon a successful activation. If the license does not activate, please refresh and try again.

Please note that licenses are only given for Charmed Pro - not the free version.

What is the license key for?

It is important to keep your license up to date in order to continue getting updates for your ThemeBeans WordPress theme and support for any issues you may encounter. Renewing your license grants you access to support and updates for another year, including all updates for bug fixes and feature introductions.

Without a valid theme license, you will be unable to get support and auto-update notifications will not function.

If your key is not activated after hitting the Activate button, simply refresh the Customizer and try again. Sometimes it takes a second try to properly establish a connection with the activation server.

What if my license key has expired?

After a year, license keys may be renewed. You will get a renewal notification on your WordPress dashboard if your license is about to expire, or has in fact expired.

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